3 Ingredients To Look For Next Time You Buy Nail Polish


As women, we love to look our best and nail polish is a key part of making our hands and feet look their best. But did you know that with prolonged use, your nails turn yellow and brittle?And that’s the least of your worries.

You might be surprised to know some ingredients contained in low-quality nail polish can be really dangerous to your health and can even cause life-threatening diseases.

Read on to find out which nail polish ingredients pose a possible threat and what to look for the next time you go shopping for nail polish.

Toluene, the major danger


The toxicity levels of some ingredients in nail polish can seriously damage your health. Toluene helps provide a smooth finish and preserves the color. However, if you learn more about this chemical, you’ll find that toluene can cause headaches, nausea, weakness, fainting, affect your nervous system, and can even cause reproductive disorders.

Another toxic ingredient found in some nail polish is formaldehyde. Manufacturers use this ingredient to extend the storage life of nail polish. If you’re already suffering from allergies, contact with formaldehyde will aggravate your condition. It can cause dermatitis and even chemical burns. In fact, some studies have shown links so far as to cause heart rhythm disorders, convulsions, and even cancer.

For giving fragrance to nail polish, another ingredient called dibutyl рhthalate is added. This can cause respiratory tract diseases, gynecological diseases, and endocrine disorders.

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