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6 Excellent Clothing Tips To Make You Look 5 Years Younger


1.Wear your jeans


Jeans are the perfect choice for emphasizing your figure and hiding your imperfections, and they should be an essential element of everyone’s wardrobe. They emphasize youth and can thus do a great deal to knock a couple of years off your appearance.

A few more useful tips

  • Select things made from natural materials with an even surface. Crumpled as well as overly tight items of clothing can emphasize wrinkles, especially if we’re talking about blouses, jackets, scarves, and other things which come close to the face. Things made from tweed and other similar materials can also make you look older.
  • Stay away from matching items of clothing, such as a top in the exact same style as a skirt or pants.The only place this kind of style works is in the office. In all other situations, choose items of clothing that are similar but not identical in tone/material.
  • Black, gray, and beige clothing shouldn’t dominate your appearance. Wearing one item of any of these colors is enough at any one time.

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