White woman gave birth to 3 black children – the truth behind them is quite something


Even though the year is 2017, racism and prejudice continue to pollute our world.

Many people retain narrow-minded and over-simplistic views on what a family should “look like”.

Aaron and Rachel Halbert have experienced such prejudices up close – despite that they deserve loads of love and respect for several courageous decisions they took.


The Halberts first adopted two children – and then chose to take things a step further – after learning about embryo adoption.

The parents were determined to offer a home to more children who would otherwise not have a family – and decided not to forget those frozen embryos who seem to be forgotten.

And they certainly refused to let something as superficial as skin color get in the way. They visited an embryo donation bank and found a set of twins they decided to make their babies.

But if this weren’t amazing enough, their story soon took another unexpected turn.

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